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I've just set up a dreamwidth account (under leodragon1 again, I'm not giving myself whiplash, alright?) AND a twitter account, in the space of an hour.

God, what am I DOING? I tried to resist, I really did! How many tabs am I going to have open on my computer by the end of the year?



Anyway, I'm staying on livejournal, no worries there, but I decided to give DW a go, in case livejournal somehow folds up on itself one day. What? It could happen.

So I'm posting this entry on dreamwidth, and hoping this will turn up on my lj post like they said it would. Fingers crossed.

ETA: After it failed the first two times, I finally got the crossposting to work. What is it about things happening in threes? Weird. But yay, my journals are linked!
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To my fellow Aussies and Kiwis, celebrating Anzac Day today.

Lest We Forget.
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My mum has this saying - "When it rains, it pours". I must REALLY believe in this saying, because this week I've been out almost every night and I haven't had time to write anything!

For serious. This weekend I went to an empowerment seminar that started at nine each day and usually finished ten thirty at night. Actually, Friday was the first day, and Sunday I had to leave around lunch for a family get-together that included my nephew James, who's started walking. Awwww. He was so cute as he tottered about and then fell on his bum! But that was a late night too. Monday was a day off, thank god, but that was spent catching up on my weekend work (like washing the clothes). Tuesday (yesterday) I went with a couple of friends to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. Jensen for the win! I jumped out of my seat a few times, which was fun and usually hard to get me to do.

Now tonight it's my dad's birthday, and my family are having dinner at a nice restaurant. Another night gone. *facepalm*

I hope nothing comes up tomorrow.

The funny thing is that I've enjoyed my week so far. It's just so frustrating that I've started writing, and I've got less free time than usual! I hardly EVER go out. I am such a hermit, no joke. If I was a pessimist, I'd think the universe was telling me something.

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OMG, it is so hot tonight. If I didn't have the fan going right now, I'd be melting into the chair.

I wonder if I'll actually sleep tonight?

Yay, fun time with start of the hot weather.

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Merry Christmas everybody!

It's Christmas Day for some of you, but actually the day after for me. So now i can go online again :-P

I need to finish up on the happiness meme:

Christmas Eve was day seven. I went with Mum to the 6.30 mass at Church. This is the one where the kids act out the nativity story.  A LOT of people always turn up to this one, so it's easier to have the mass outdoors and have everybody bring their own chairs. And since it's summer here, the weather always co-operates.

Anyway, the parents went all out for this one! The girl playing Mary rode in on an actual donkey, and the Three Wise Men came in on camels. Oh yeah! It was awesome, and the kids were great and had a ball.

Day Eight was Christmas Day. I had slept over Mum's place, so we had a lazy breakfast before getting ready for the Christmas lunch. The family turned up, including my nephew, who had turned exactly one year old. Yep, Christmas Day is his birthday. He wore an adorable Santa jumpsuit. For presents, we did the Kris Kringle thing, so I got one big present. It's a Webber for my courtyard! (That's a small barbeque, for those who don't know).

After a long lunch and watching a movie, I went to visit my friend Shelley. She gave me Supernatural presents! One is a cloth bag with the boys on the front (shirtless!), and a pillowcase with the same thing. *lol* I loved them. She found a site online that makes them up. It's great that we're both Supernatural fans. I gave her a voucher for a pampering session at a Day Spa. Not the whole works (unfortunately), but an hour and twenty minutes. I'm sure she'll love it.

And now, I'm going to get back into all the reading I've missed, hee. *runs off*
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Officially finishing work and being on holidays! *dances*

Plus, I did my last bit of Christmas shopping after work. I am DONE. *dances some more*

That was today's bit for the happiness meme.
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Hey, if you guys were curious about what my speech processor looks like, here's a You Tube link to a pretty good video clip:


And now, I'm off to bed. Got the Christmas lunch tomorrow. Well I say lunch, but it's actually a party that goes on from noon until five. How's that for letting your hair down? It's going to be a great day.
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Awesome news! A spare processor is being mailed to me as even as I write this!

:- )  :- )  :- )  :- )  :- )

I made the dreaded phone call to my audiologist yesterday, who was very awesome and understanding. She said that she was SURE that they had a spare processor that she could give me until I managed to get a new one. She added that she would contact me as soon as she knew either way. I wanted to hug her through the phone! *lol*

But I still had  to worry that there wasn't one available. That's me, glass half empty.

If you're confused as to what I'm talking about - apparently they call the part of the cochlear that I wear over my ear the processor. I like that name actually, cos that's exactly what it does. It picks up the soundwaves outside my ear and processses them into electrical impulses for my brain to translate and turn into sound. Cool, eh?

Anyway, this morning I got an email confirming that yes they had one, and would I like to get it posted or picked up?

God, what a relief! I have never replied so fast or so eagerly to an email in my life.

I decided to have it posted to me since that would be easier than trying to come in, what with the mad Christmas rush at work thlis week.  Hopefully I'll get it in the mail tommorow (which is a Friday). Do they deliver on the weekend before Christmas? You know, for all those letters and presents being sent through the mail at the last minute? I hope so anyway.

So I will only have been without a processor for a week. Not too bad. I'm sure it won't have made any difference to my progress. Yay!

I'm still sorting out the insurance side of it, but at least I can take as long as I need to claim it as lost. So there's a good chance that the costs will be covered for a new one. Double yay!

P.S. I told my family about losing the processor the day after it happened. Mum was actually pretty calm, trying to figure out if I actually did have insurance as she thought she might have done that part for me. It was my sister who read me the riot act about not insuring it. Typical - she's the responsible one and would've insured it from the get go. Sometimes I hate her.
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Do you know what happened today?

I don't even want to say this...

I lost my cochlear.


*headdesk and stays there*

I'm actually talking about the hearing-aid part of the cochlear. It sits over my ear and is the part that lets me hear out of my deaf ear.

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. This isn't like like losing a pen or even my car keys! This is an expensive piece of equipment and I'm supposed to wear it as much as I can, so that my hearing improves each day. And now it's lying on the floor somewhere and it's not like I have my name on it!

It was so stupid! I went on the bike with Shelley today, and I had to wear a helmet. The last time I went on the bike, I was paranoid and careful enough to take the cochlear off first and put it in my bag, because I had noticed how tight the helmet was and didn' t want it to come off when I pulled the helmet off. Well, this time I just blithely put the helmet on and managed to forget I was wearing the cochlear. How could I forget that?!

I guess I'm just more used to wearing it now. Oh, the irony.

We went to a couple of places and walked around town for an hour or so, so there's several places where it could've fallen off. I only realised it was missing because I decided to turn it back on and try listening with both ears for a bit. When I'm with someone, sometimes I just use the hearing-aid for a rest. So I might have noticed sooner if I was actually going to use it! Oh, that makes me feel so much better.

Shelley must've seen the shock on my face, because she asked me what was wrong. And then we went back to to the bar and the library and bike to see if it was there. Noooo. I really didn't think we would find it though. And now I'm so depressed. I'm going to have to find out how much a new one costs and see if the insurance covers losing the silly thing. But, uh. I hadn't insured it yet. Yes, I know! Hopefully I can still put the forms through and THEN tell them I need a new one or something. But I'm sure there's a waiting period, they're not dumb. But I need to do something like this, beause I think they cost about seven thousand dollars. I don't have that kind of money lying around!

This could so easily have been avoided if I'd been more careful. It's just so typical of me. I'm not careful enough of my things. I'm going to have to tell Mum, and I can just imagine her reaction. Sort of disappointed and frustrated and sympathetic. *sigh*  I'll do it tomorrow, I don't have the energy tonight. Got big bottle of coke here and will probably drink the whole bottle tonight. Since I'd only just decided to quit having cool drink all time and stick to water, this is kinda like falling off the wagon. WHAT THE HELL, I'M ENTITLED. At least I'm not breaking out the beer stash.

Where is it? Anyone picking it up isn't going to have a clue what to do with it. If I'm really lucky and that person is really smart, maybe they'll see that it looks like a hearing aid (and how many people know what a hearing-aid looks like?), so they'll ring up a hearing centre and ask what to do with it. And hopefully the hearing centre will know that the Lions Institute does cochlear implants and send it to them and I'll get a call. But they won't know to call ME unless I tell them I've lost it.


Maybe I won't be so upset tomorrow, but right now? Totally kicking myself.
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Repainted my kitchen this weekend and tonight, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] dominiondreams. *hugs* The colour I picked out is AWESOME. Seriously, a professional designer couldn't have done it better. Though Shelley was the one to suggest going for the suede look. Velvety light chocolate brown? We both rock. And my kitchen looks so edible that I want to break out my chocolate stash.

Uh oh.

Next up, a proper wall unit. And new curtains!

Yes, yes, I've caught the decorating bug. This is actually a good thing, because suddenly I feel like I can make it a home, not just a place that I've bought and live at. It's a great feeling.
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