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Every single Sam/Dean or J2 fic I've read lately has managed to depress me. How do I keep finding all the angst fics that don't end happily? I need some schmoop so bad right now.

I'd go through my bookmarks and read old favourites, but with my radar lately, I just know I'll click on the only one that that isn't sweetness and light. 'Cos I won't remember it properly, dammit.


Anyone read any good Sam/Dean (before season 4) or j2 fics lately that'll cheer me up?
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I'm with everyone who is in shock that Kim Manners passed away. I only recently re-watched some of the extra features on the Supernatural DVDs, and Kim came up a lot. He was such a presence even behind the camera. You could tell this guy was well loved, and that's even more apparent now.

Everyone's probably already seen this, but there was a post from someone who has a friend on the Supernatural set.

Go here

I was so moved when I read the Superanatural family knew about the fan response and were touched by it. The kind of love back and forth, that's just amazing. I love my show.
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The new layout for the this year's spn bigbang is awesome! Check it out now.

I can't wait unitl we start getting stories. Last year I tried reading each slash story as they were posted so that I could comment straight away. Oh dear. I'm a fast reader guys, but sometimes that meant three slash stories in the one night. My inner reader was VERY happy, but my inner task master was pissed off that nothing else was getting done.

I think this year I'll just have to cheer them on for posting it and pace myself.  But I LOVE long stories. I can't help it!

There are some great challenges this year. I'm putting up links for them in the sidebar. Plus I'll do the past challenges that were awesome and have produced some of my favourite stories.

I love the spn community.

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Jared and Jensen are going to be at the Sydney Hub convention in April!

Awesome news, except the tickets are going to be $150 at least, with $50 to get a photo taken with one of them or $120 for both of them at once (eee!). Which I have to book the same time as the ticket. What's the cost of a plane ticket to Sydney and back? I don't know! 

I'm already having trouble making my budget, can I afford to try and book a ticket now before it gets sold out? And can I cancel it and get a refund if I find out I can't make it? Godammit, I wish I lived in Sydney.

What to do, what to do...
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Hello O Great and wonderful F-list,
On a recent road trip with the best friend, we got to talking wincest (as per usual). Neither of us is much of a writer however we do tend to come up with some interesting story ideas.
First up....
Sam and Dean are driving along a back country road somewhere and they suddenly see a blinding light ahead. This resolves into headlights that are driving towards them right in their lane. Dean swears and swerves to miss the oncoming truck. Or they have to swerve to miss a kangaroo hopping across the road. They drive and wind up at a motel for the night. The motel receptionist has an australian accent. The next day they discover they are in fact in outback Australia.
Bonus points for including refrences to:
Crocodile Dundee... "that's not a knife!"
Investigating Drop Bears and Hoop Snakes
Dean picking up a chick who is in fact a drag queen
They make the shrimp on the barbie jokes and get shot down.

We have Sam and Dean having to go undercover at a college level state cheerleading competition. They have to join a squad to be able to do the job properly. Jess was a cheerleader in college and got Sam involved so he used to cheer, he then has to admit this to Dean and they use those contacts to get into a squad. Both boys have to be involved ( no chickening out for Dean ). Dean ends up loving it but will NEVER admit it.

Please indulge our insane ideas and write these for us!
The more versions the better!
We live in hope...
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OMG, Supernatural is getting EPIC. How awesome was the first episode?

I love my show.

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Supernatural starts again next Monday!


*Does the Snoopy Dance*

This means that Australia will only be a couple of episodes behind the US. Thank you Channel Ten!
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For f***'s sake, I've already had to urgently delete two lj entries that turned up up in my inbox. They were talking about the spn episode 4.01, which aired only last night I think, and they were out in the open. Whatever happened to using lj cuts to avoid spoilers?


Sometimes I wish I lived in the good ol' US of A, just so I could watch spn on the same day as half of the fandom. Then I wouldn't have to do the visual equivalent of blocking my ears and going "La la la, I can't hear you!"

It's the only part I hate about being obsessed enough about a show to go online about it. I hope to God our network does the video-streaming thing again. Otherwise I'm going to have to wait six months at least to catch up. But I haven't see any promos about it. They're probably not doing it because of the interruption last season with the writer's strike. I can't download episodes either, because I need subitles.

Dammit. This is gonna be a long ass season.
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Supernatural is back on, starting this Sunday night. *squee!* 

I've been on tenterhooks about the last four eps, and I've had to avoid spoilers like crazy. Oh show, I've missed you!

I'm just as excited about this as I am about the switch-on happening in two days. And the j2 big bang.

Clearly, I am obssessed.
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Seven days to go before surgery...

I had the pre-surgical discussion this afternoon. I picked out which brand of cochlear speech processor I wanted to wear (basically the part that sits behind my ear like a hearing-aid), and also what colour it should be. I picked beige. Boring as hell, you say? Probably, but at least it matches my hearing-aid, and I do so like to co-ordinate my outfits.

Incidently, I picked the Australian brand. I just liked it more, but I'll smirk about that anyway.

The surgery is next Monday, and will be in the morning and last about three hours at the most. Then an overnight stay at the hospital, but I get to go home the next day. Which is pretty good! Recovery should be only about a week, but I've taken two weeks off. Hey, it was their idea! At work, I mean. I saved up a lot of leave just in case for this, and they want me to use it up. Fine by me.

I'll be at Mum's place for the week, just so that I don't have to worry about shopping and stuff. I'm relieved about that actually, and Mum likes the idea of being able to coddle me. I hope I don't go mental from the smothering, but I'll bring books and my laptop with me and I should survive. And yes, okay, I like being looked after, so what? I hate to cook.

The switch-on happens in June, and I'll know more then about what exercises I should do to help the hearing along. The switch-on is the part that I'm REALLY looking forward to, for obvious reasons. I know that it'll be just a few sounds to begin with, but I can't wait to work on improving it as fast as I can. They said that I could go straight back to work on the day of the switch-on, which is weird but cool. Who knows how I'll be feeling? That's all up in the air at the moment. Let's get through the surgery first.

There's still the anesthesiest to see, and hospital forms to chase up and sign. Having the surgery so soon after the go-ahead for the implant hasn't left me much time to organise all the red tape. Only downer to not having a long wait, but at least I can't put stuff off, procasinator that I am. I have Mum reminding me of everything too *rolls eyes*

I've been feeling odd as the surgery day looms closer. I've practically become a hermit and leaving the hearing-aid off for long periods. I guess that's my way of dealing with the idea of increased hearing. I really hope to be able to be more social, so call this my last hurrah for my hermit status - and the quiet. I'll be dragging my friends places before the year is out, just you wait and see.

Alongside my need to wait for surgery, I've been on tenterhooks about the j2 big bang. Soon, there'll be so many lovely new stories! Lovely, lovely stories. But I stupidly thought May 1 was when we could start reading them, completely forgetting that May 1 is actually the deadline for the DRAFTS. We can't start reading them until June. Sod it, this month would've been the perfect reading month! *heavy sigh*

Oh well. I can re-read my old favourites until then.
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